Marketing Leadership Meme - created by Finisher Creative, 2013I see the same pattern in every company I work with – they spend so much time on creating big detailed marketing plans, they create big files with all their wonderful ideas but either:

– nothing happens

– or it fizzles out very quickly

Why does this keep happening?

Most of the time the marketing plans are actually quite good.  But this just shows that a good marketing plan on it’s own isn’t enough.  It’s never been enough!

The truth is that most marketing plans fail to get off the ground is because there is no one driving them.  There’s no one steering the project.

The number 1 reason your marketing is failing is because of a lack of leadership – either you didn’t have a leader or your leader wasn’t strong enough.

The truth is that even the best marketing plans are useless without a strong leader driving them along and ensuring that they get implemented.

A leader is the one who will:

– do the planning

– delegate responsibility

– keep those people accountable

– get content created on time

– get content released on time

– rinse and repeat

This activity needs a strong leader.  It needs someone who is focused and on top of their game.  It’s a hard job after all.

If a marketing plan has no leader then the plan dies.

You want to know the number one reason people hire me? They want me to lead their marketing initiatives.  That’s the real value I give my customers.  Let’s be honest, almost anyone can come up with a half-decent marketing plan (if you Google some marketing plan tips) but not everyone can lead a marketing plan into existence.

Stop amending your marketing plan over and over again!  (It’s probably fine).  Start to seek out someone who is a strong leader – someone who can get that plan off the paper and into reality.


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The Number 1 Reason Your Marketing Keeps Failing

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