Social Media PlanSo there’s been a huge rise in social media.  Some would say we’re in the ‘social media age’.  Companies at first were really wary of this new trend but have now (for the most part) begun to embrace it.

That’s the context.

The nitty gritty – with a new trend comes a lot of people who build a business around teaching others how to use this for their business.

That’s great.

With this, comes conflicting points of view.

That can also be great because discussion is healthy and it’s always good to get multiple points of view on a certain subject.

The problem occurs when people give bad advice.

What do I deem to be ‘bad advice’?

Well, in this context, bad advice is to tell a business that social media is ‘all about building relationships’.

Put your pitch fork down for just one second and let me explain.

Who is after this social media help?


What do businesses do?

They make money.

The whole aim of businesses is to make money.  To make a profit.  If a business is trying out something new (in this case, social media) then surely the aim is to help them to make money.

I do agree that social media is useful for building relationships.  And guess what – I’ve made a few friends a long the way.  But it’s not all about that.

Building relationships is definitely something all businesses should do (and they should do it on social media).  But building relationships that translate into actual sales takes time.

In fact it takes a hell of a long time!

If businesses want to use social media as a long term strategy for developing relationships then that’s fine.  But I’ve never met a business who has that strategy…

Social media companies who say it’s ‘all about building relationships’ seem to forget one thing – relationships don’t pay the bills!  Money does.

Social media is all about making money!

Building relationships is just one of the ways to doing it.

Building relationships should be a part of doing it.

Being successful in building relationships doesn’t always translate into sales.


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Social Media – It’s MORE Than Building Relationships

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