Pheed logoSo by now nearly everyone has heard of the new social media craze that is Pheed.

Some have dubbed it ‘the new Twitter’ and some have said it could be the next social media giant to rival the likes of Facebook.

Backed by celebrities, making headlines world-wide and reaching the top spot on the iTunes chart for social media apps, Pheed has broken from the pack and gotten our attention.

So is there justification in predicting that we will see ‘Pheed Marketing’ as a social media trend?  Will marketing and social media companies start to offer this as a service?  Should marketers take notice of Pheed and treat it seriously?


Let me just say that I love Pheed!  (Check out my review of Pheed.)

Pheed seems to have taken the best parts of Twitter and Facebook and combined them into a social media force to be reckoned with.  With a celebrity backing (with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton) using it, Pheed quickly gained traction and at one point became the number 1 social media app in the iTunes Store.

Of course this made international news and people starting flooding in and signing up to Pheed – they reached their tipping point.

As a marketer, the thing that interested me was when I saw online celebrities like iJustine signing up (you can subscribe to her Pheed here).  iJustine (like many YouTube celebrities) is in essence, a content marketer.  The strength of their online presence is based upon the strength of their content.

When iJustine signed up, I took note!

Simply put, people are hanging out on Pheed.  Your customers could be hanging out on Pheed…

The Pattern:

When social media sites become popular, then businesses start to use them for marketing purposes because you can reach your customers there.  In fact we coin phrases like Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, YouTube Marketing etc.

Could ‘Pheed Marketing’ be the next social media trend?

Quite possibly.

All the pieces are in place – the PR, the celebs, the hype, the users and the accomplishment of being top in the iTunes store.

The question should be, “Why wouldn’t it be the next social media trend?”

Mark my words, you will start to see the term, ‘Pheed Marketing’ a lot more in the near future.




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Pheed Marketing – The New Social Media Trend?

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