So, it’s that time of year again.  Here is a short list of the YouTube videos that have made me smile professionally and privately.

(In no particular order) here are my top YouTube videos of 2012:

1.  Man Of Steel Trailer:


If you know me, you’ll know I’m a HUGE Superman fan.  I’ve been so excited about this film and this trailer really exceeded my expectations.  In fact I did a guest blog post for Inbound Now earlier this year called ‘4 Important Content Marketing Lessons Superman can teach your business’.

2.  The Piano Guys:


These guys are so phenomenally talented! This is by far one of the most creative videos I have seen in a long time.  anyone who can turn a One Direction song into a work of art is a genius!

3.  Dollar Shave Club:


Fastly approaching 8 million Youtube views, this is quite possibly the best start up video ever!  A perfect example of content marketing, Dollar Shave Club has successfully created a perfect marketing video for this century.

4.  The Best Surprise Military Homecomings (Part IV):


This is one of those videos that is hard to watch without getting teary.  Without getting political, this video quickly became a viral sensation and is definitely worth a watch.

5.  Ice Dude:


This is just hilarious! I challenge anyone to watch this without laughing!!


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My Top YouTube Videos Of 2012

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