How To Target New Customers On TwitterTwitter is great for communicating in real-time with your customers and friends; getting up to date news and sharing your content to a global audience for free.

Whilst it’s good for communicating, not many people know it’s also great for prospecting or targeting new customers for your business.

Here is how to target new customers on Twitter:

1.  Twitter Search:

The Twitter search function is a goldmine of information.  You can basically search a keyword or phrases and it bring ups the relevant profiles.  If you were trying to target ‘Solicitors firms in Bradford’, you could type that in and guess what?  You’ll get a whole list of Solicitors firms in Bradford.

2:  Hashtags:

Hashtags are a great way for people to ‘tag’ their content so it’s easily searchable.  By searching for hashtags you are very easily able to prospect new customers.  Think of it from your prospect’s perspective – what words might they hashtag?  Then search for those hashtags.

3.  Twitter Lists:

Twitter lists are absolute gold dust!  People create lists on Twitter so that other people can check out those people and maybe follow them.  But what’s to stop you from searching for lists and looking through those lists for potential customers?  Someone has done all the hard work for you.  They’ve in effect created a prospect list for you!

4.  Twitter Followers/Following:

In the similar way that point 3 raised, you could apply this to Twitter followers or people they are following.  Why not look at your customer’s Twitter profile.  Check to see who they are following/who is following them.  For example, if your customer is a photographer, the chances are they follow other photographers and have other photographers following them!  Twitter followers are again, prospect lists!

How To Establish Contact:

For each of these points, you could follow people who you genuinely think you can add value to.  Once you follow them, they will get a notification that you have followed them.  Once they get that, the chances are they will check out your profile.  If they like the look of your profile they will follow you back.  If they follow back then you know there is something that they like about you and this could be considered a ‘warm lead’.

In a professional way, initiate contact and start the process.  Offer to take them out for a coffee, tweet them and build a relationship, ask how you can help them.  Whatever you do, just don’t be a ‘Twitter Tool’.


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How To Target New Customers On Twitter

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