Twitter ToolBusinesses have flocked to Twitter in the hope of promoting their business through effective social media marketing.  But if we’re all honest, there are some people that can really grind our gears.  There are some ‘Twitter Tools’ that should really be banned.

What makes someone a ‘Twitter Tool’?  More importantly, how can you avoid becoming one?

1.  Constant Self-Promotion:

OK.  Let me clarify this one and bring some balance.  Yes, as a business you’re supposed to promote yourself.  Otherwise, how will you generate any business?  But there’s a balance!  It’s always good to help promote other people and their businesses! By helping others, you get a good reputation and get points from your online community.  Be a nice guy.  Don’t make it all about you all the time.

2.  #Hashtagging #Every #Word:

#I #hate #it #when #people# hashtag #every #single #word… How about you?  Studies have shown that including hashtags can increase click rates as more people can find your content.  Ideally you want up to 2 hashtags per tweet.  Three at the very most.  Any more and you’re running the risk of being labelled a ‘Twitter Tool’.

3.  Pretentious Behaviour:

Nothing grinds my gears more than pretentious people.  This includes things like people referring to themselves as ‘Gurus’ or making themselves seem more important than they really are.  People who pretend the have lots of people who they need to get back to really shows me someone who is insecure and needs to show people that they are popular.

4.  Constantly Asking For Retweets:

Again, let me clarify – occasionally asking for RTs is fine (especially if it’s for a charitable cause).  But asking people to RT every single post you promote is just annoying.  It comes off as being a bit needy.  Is that really the perception you want to create for your business?

5.  Over Tweeting:

The last thing I want to see is tweet-overload in my tweet stream.  When I see lots of tweets (sometimes next to each other) I don’t tend to read them.  I skip over tweets that are in close proximity to each other.  I’m sure it’s not like that for everyone but I’m also sure that I’m not alone.  Tweet in moderation.

6.  Moaning All The Time:

Do I even have to explain this one?…


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How To Be A TOOL On Twitter

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