Apple Vs AndroidSo, many of you know that I love Apple.  I have no shame in announcing that I have an iPhone and an iPad.  I love everything about the products.  I find them so easy to use and they’ve made parts of my life and business so much easier.

Of course, being an Apple user I occasionally get into debates with Android users who say that Apple is way over-priced, slower, thinner than an Android.

But I still have my Apple products…


This got me thinking.

I’m open-minded.  Even though Android products might be ‘better’ (very subjective) in some respects, why do I still use Apple products?

Is it good marketing on Apple’s front?

Is it that I find some Android users a bit too ‘whiny’ when they try to convince me that Android is better?

Is it because I can’t be bothered to switch to a different OS?

My mobile phone contract is coming up for renewal later this year and I’m wondering whether I should make the jump from Apple to Android.

But I need convincing…

I’m hereby issuing a challenge to Android users to try and convince me to switch from Apple to Android later this year.

Ground rules:

– don’t talk to me about Android being thinner, lighter and faster.  I honestly don’t care. I quite like the thickness, weight and speed of my iPhone. So please leave that out.

– don’t talk to me about the price as that isn’t an issue for me.

– keep all your comments respectful and professional. Anyone who is being abusive or unprofessional will simply be banned.  Keep it civil, fun and engaging.


See you in comments section!!


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Can YOU Convince Me To Buy An Android?

4 thoughts on “Can YOU Convince Me To Buy An Android?

  • February 6, 2013 at 13:03


    I think you should call Ethan Hunt for this mission…

    Nobody knows better than you do that what applications, functions you need the most for your daily business life. There are no big differences anymore in speed and capacity, etc. between Android and IOS, so nuances can do the trick for you.

    But please don’t forget the most basic rule in technical matters: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

    What I can offer to help you is that I do a factory reset on my HTC One S and you can use it for two days, install whatever you want, change whatever you need. I think this is the only way for you to decide whether you have everything you need with IOS or you need to change for a more flexible operating system.

    The Batman 😉

    • February 7, 2013 at 07:52

      Hey Batman!

      Cheers for the comment! I think you’re right. Specs aren’t too different (since iPhone 5).

      iOS is great for my day to day life so as you say, if it ain’t broke…

      I may take you up on that offer! Thanks :)

  • February 7, 2013 at 10:52

    Hey Haroon,

    Apple was until a few days ago the most valuable company in the world. I’m guessing Google isn’t too far behind. So you’re hardly ‘sticking to the man’ whichever system you go with.

    The reason I don’t like Apple products is iTunes and everything that surrounds it, like the app store. Apple controls what you can buy very closely, and on iTunes the music doesn’t belong to you, you just ‘lease’ it until you die. I play games and listen to music on my phone so I find the Apple system just to controlling. Also since you’ve met me you’ll know that I am not a man of fashion and am more concerned with the ‘inner man’! Hence it’s not hard for me to sacrifice the ‘coolness’ of the iPhone for the freedom of Android.

    If you have an Apple computer that your phone talks to then they have you by the balls… And that is ultimately why I think people will go off Apple. Maybe not this year, but in ten years’ time they’ll be Microsoft.

    • February 7, 2013 at 13:56

      Hey Simon,

      Really interesting thoughts there. I agree that I find a lot of Apple users (myself included) see Apple as a fashion accessory almost – and that you’re ‘cool’ if you own Apple.

      Is that their strength perhaps I wonder? That they’re more than a product? A part of fashion/culture….

      I also agree that they pull you in and you are screwed because you have to use all their other software (which isn’t cheap). Good business?…..

      It’s a weird one because despite these annoyances, people (and myself included) still pay for it.


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